Susanne is a designer of an eponymous high end collection, selling to renowned stores worldwide. Suss Design was a brand she founded and designed for many years in the retail and wholesale business.

She has collaborated with a long list of costume designers in the entertainment industry and designed knitwear on numerous productions such as The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Scooby Doo and The Matrix. Susanne's stylists and celebrity clientele began to expand through her landmark store from Los Angeles, New York and Sweden. She taught knitting classes for ten years at her store and wrote six knitting books which all launched at Barnes & Nobles. With her recognition and over 20 years in the industry she has made a name for herself and continues to be an innovator of fashion knits. 

Originally from Sweden and now based in Los Angeles, Susanne started knitting and designing as a hobby. But she knew her passion would make it her dream in life. The susannekarlsson brand is influenced by her homeland and the traditional modern knitting techniques of Sweden. After years in the knitwear industry and selling to major retailers such as Barney's, Berdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Takashimaya, Fred Segal, Garnet Hill and Anthropologie and more she is continuing to pay close attention to materials and quality. Susanne's mission is to execute creations with comfort, texture and feel. She takes her time to create beautiful knits to perfection with her hands.

Inspired with a new vision of a confident woman in mind, to create longevity and individual style. susannekarlsson is characterized by sophisticated, yet unconventional silhouettes with undeniable luxurious feel. The designs are constructed with ease and comfort becoming staples in your everyday wardrobe, making your travels easy and transitioning from day to night. The modern and clean lines lend itself to these timeless collections. 

Locally made in Los Angeles.